Exercise Specialist and Health&Fitness Coach specializing in strength&conditioning, functional fitness, dynamic flexibility, injury prevention/rehab, and holistic health.

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How-to Make Homemade Nut Butters 


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FITNESS FOR LIVING strength+flexibility=movement                               Daily Workout Series:  3 exercises  healthy body workout. Starting with some lengthening, than a lunge and rotation movement, to what can be an explosive uperbody movement. I went through this workout 3x’s with 10-15 reps. Move with intention&purpose. What are you doing today?              

Early 80’s with the bros😁 #nationalsiblingday #twins #usa #sandiego #cali

Getting my SuperFood dairy-free munchie on!!!  foodLIFE!!

Current situation🏊🎧😎 #pooltime #relaxation #stpete #floridalife

Getting ready for the 21-day Deepok Chopra meditation.  fitlife. 

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